Note: In the past they have banned people from the game for running the mapper script. When possible, you should start a new account and disable the script when you're on your normal account, or use a separate browser with different accounts.

The mapper will send your cookie information back to the server, allowing the server to view the map from your point of view. Because only the players who are on the domain can view the map.

To see what's going on press F12 on the browser, click on "console", and look for the "updating map..." message when you first load the game. So that you're aware, this cookie information can also be used to play the game as yourself. But it will only be ever used to view the map, nothing else.

If you're afraid of this, you can manually upload the map yourself with the upload version: Mapper script (manual upload version), but it will take 1-2hrs(the normal version won't take any time because the server will do the mapping). After installing it, you'll need to click on 'mapper' and tick the upload box to enable uploading. When you play Glory of Rome with firefox. The mapper will wait until your mouse is idle and then start to slowly map the domain and send it back to the server, this will usually take about 1-2hrs.

On the server, the current priority is…

  1. Domains that haven't been updated for 2 weeks.
  2. Domains that have been used in the past 2 days.
  3. Updates occur a maximum of once per day.

If you want to get the map for your own personal use, you can click on the “download” image next to your domain id.

Currently running updates